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In this next wave of the digital revolution, digital currencies are emerging as what many believe to be the greatest innovation since the advent of the internet. We incubate, build, and operate businesses that provide a variety of financial and professional services to institutions, individuals and corporations.

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Is there a voice inside you that says you have a lot to offer? Does it say that you do have an unfulfilled purpose? A wasted life is a shame! Never let anyone steal your dreams from you; take charge of your own life and make it meaningful! I hope all of your dreams come true, and I hope cryptocurrency gives you the extra means to make it happen!

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Our customers have being part of us, became financially free with a steady income source.

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ROI offered by Cryptedge can't be matched by any bank while still enjoying full coverage.

Profiting Platform

Manage multiple investments using our powerful cutting-edge modern technology.

Cryptedge 1on1 Mentorship

Our mentorship program is meant to hold you by the hand and guide you through the world of crypto investing and trading.

Digital Assets portfolio Mgt

This is designed for investment firms and institutional investors for the management of the entire digital assets investment portfolio.

Crypto Trading Training Solution

In this guide, we will take you through all the steps in order for you to become a professional crypto-trader.


Cryptedge Senior Retreat Trade for me (CSRT) is a package specially designed to give individuals that are 40 years and above an opportunity to earn up to 10% Return on Interest (ROI) monthly for twelve (12) months with an all-expense paid trip to Dubai for a week (7 days).

Flexible Private Offer

Minimum age: 40 Years Single: NGN1.5 million Couple: NGN2.5 million 12 Months contract

All expense Paid trip

10% Return on investment Capital. Investors are notified for trip 3 months before due date.

Anything You Need

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Friendly Price Package

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With Cryptedge ‘Ride in 180 Days’, you can own a brand new car with ease. This package helps our Investors own new cars with just 50% of the total cost of the choice car in 90 days. All the Investor need do is to go to any car dealer of his/her choice, ask for a Pro-forma invoice and bring the invoice to any of our branches alongside 50% of the total cost of the car. Upon the payment of the 50%, Cryptedge does a 14-day verification process and then the countdown begins. For fairly used cars (Tokunbo), the investors are expected to pay 60% of the total cost of the car, obtain a pro-forma invoice and we process accordingly.

Brand New Vehicles

Pay 50% of the Total sum of Vehicle. Pay 3.8% for a car insurance. 14 days verification required. Enjoy FREE Tracking Services

Fairly Used Vehicles

Pay 60% of the Total sum of Vehicle, Pay 2% processing fee, 14 days verification required, Ride your car in 120 days

Gain financial freedom


Cryptedge brings together people who want to unite their strength and increase their chance to trade Bitcoin. By joining our platform and choosing one of our plans you procure power that allows you to trade Bitcoin without been directly active. Apart from trading we additionally provide a 10% referral plan that allows subsidizing the income from trading alone.

Miracles of Hope


In our quest to bring financial freedom to households in the African Sub-region, we partner with top-notch cryptocurrency and blockchain based
organizations around the world with strong foundations and legal validity.

NUI International is an American based cryptocurrency trading company which provides custody services for investors with time tested affiliate plan for business and network leaders.

Note: NUI Is A Safe Investment Haven and A Sure Plan B For All.

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Cryptedge Strategic Trade Signal Alerts allows investors and traders to more effectively implement strategic and tactical trading. Now You Can Generate Profits without Spending Precious Hours Screening For Trades. Enjoy our live trading signals from Five Markets. Never Miss a Good Trade Again, Trading Life Profitable and Better, Valuable Return on Investment, Trade with Peace of Mind


Access and insight for a changing world

At Cryptedge, we are flatting the curve by making sure the journey is simplified and gab is fully bridged. We believe that in this part of the world nothing is as good as owning your own property as well as a comfortable family home is a dream many have but can’t seem to be able to afford due to such factors as finance and location to achieve such a noble dream.